Technical Ecstasy - Super Deluxe Box Set (VINYL - 5LP + Bok + Memorabilia)

Black Sabbath

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Super deluxe reissue of BLACK SABBATHs seventh studio album "Technical ecstasy" incl. five 180g LPs, a 40-page casebound book and poster.

  • LP One: Original Album Remastered
  • LP Two: New Steven Wilson Mix
  • LP Three: Outtakes & Alternative Mixes
  • LP Four: Live World Tour 1976-77
  • LP Five: Live World Tour 1976-77

In the summer of 1976, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward headed to Miami to record Technical Ecstasy at the famed Criteria Studios. The band was coming off a world tour for their previous album, Sabotage, that had found their live performances evolving to include keyboards and synthesizers. These newly incorporated instruments and sounds were then introduced into the recording process on Technical Ecstasy. The new songs encompassed a wide range of styles from the hard charging “Back Street Kids” and single ballad “It’s Alright,” to the funky “All Moving Parts (Stand Still)” and progressive rock “Gypsy.” The Deluxe Edition presents a newly remastered version of the eight-track album, along with an entirely new mix of the album created by Steven Wilson using the original analogue tapes.

With eight previously unreleased outtakes and alternative mixes. Among those are different mixes of “You Won’t Change Me” and “Rock ’n’ Roll Doctor,” as well as both outtake and instrumental versions for “She’s Gone.” The collection concludes with 10 previously unreleased live tracks recorded during the 1976-77 World Tour. The songs touch on different eras of the band’s history with early tracks like “Black Sabbath”, “War Pigs” (from Paranoid), “Symptom Of The Universe”, “Snowblind” and “Children Of The Grave” alongside new songs “Gypsy” and “Dirty Women.”

The collection comes with an extensive hardback book featuring artwork, liner notes, rare memorabilia and photos from the era, plus a replica of the 1976-77 world tour concert book and a large colour poster of the iconic Hipgnosis (Storm Thorgerson/Aubrey Powell/Peter Christopherson) futuristic robots image which is perfect for framing.

Black Sabbath embraced change in 1976 when the heavy metal innovators started managing themselves and began exploring different sounds on the band’s seventh studio album, Technical Ecstasy. BMG honours this daring album with a collection that includes a newly remastered version of the original, a brand-new mix by Steven Wilson, plus more than 90 minutes of previously unreleased outtakes, alternative mixes and live tracks. TECHNICAL ECSTASY: SUPER DELUXE EDITION will be available as a 4CD box set and 5LP box set on 180g black vinyl.

Utgitt 1976 Reutgitt 2021
Format VINYL - 5LP + Bok + Memorabilia Sjanger Metal
Artist Black Sabbath Bestillingsnummer 4050538677232
  1. 1. “Back Street Kids”
  2. 2. “You Won’t Change Me”
  3. 3. “It’s Alright”
  4. 4. “Gypsy”
  5. 1. “All Moving Parts (Stand Still)”
  6. 2. “Rock ’n’ Roll Doctor”
  7. 3. “She’s Gone”
  8. 4. “Dirty Women”
  9. 1. “Back Street Kids” *
  10. 2. “You Won’t Change Me” *
  11. 3. “It’s Alright” – Mono Single
  12. 4. “Gypsy” *
  13. 1. “All Moving Parts (Stand Still)” *
  14. 2. “Rock ’n’ Roll Doctor” *
  15. 3. “She’s Gone” *
  16. 4. “Dirty Women” *
  17. 1. “Back Street Kids” – Alternative Mix *
  18. 2. “You Won’t Change Me” – Alternative Mix *
  19. 3. “Gypsy” – Alternative Mix *
  20. 4. “All Moving Parts (Stand Still)” – Alternative Mix *
  21. 1. “Rock ’n’ Roll Doctor” – Alternative Mix *
  22. 2. “She’s Gone” – Outtake Version *
  23. 3. “Dirty Women” – Alternative Mix *
  24. 4. “She’s Gone” – Instrumental Mix *
  25. 1. “Symptom Of The Universe” *
  26. 2. “War Pigs” *
  27. 3. “Gypsy” *
  28. 1. “Black Sabbath” *
  29. 2. “All Moving Parts (Stand Still)” *
  30. 1. “Dirty Women” *
  31. 2. Drum Solo / Guitar Solo *
  32. 1. “Electric Funeral” *
  33. 2. “Snowblind” *
  34. 3. “Children Of The Grave” *