The Early Four Track Recordings (VINYL - 180 gram)

Of Montreal

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Of Montreal are one of the most inventive and likeable bands in the Elephant 6 collective, and THE EARLY 4 TRACK RECORDINGS brings together some of frontman Kevin Barnes's first sonic experiments. As fans should expect, these songs are heavily influenced by 1960s sunshine pop, with plenty of quirky weirdness and lo-fi aesthetics tossed in to keep things fresh. While those who know the band only from albums like THE SUNLANDIC TWINS might be put off by the rough and ragged feel of this set, devout fans will freak out with happiness. Leveres med digitalkode som gir deg mulighet til å laste ned albumet som MP3.


  1. Dirty Dustin Hoffman Needs A Bath
  2. Dustin Hoffman Gets A Bath
  3. Dusin Hoffman Thinks About Eating The Soap
  4. Dustin Hoffman Scrubs Too Hard And Loses Soap
  5. Dustin Hoffman Does Not Resist Temptation To Eat The Bathtub
  6. Dustin Hoffman Wife Comes Home
  7. Dustin Hoffman Wife Seems Suspicious About The Absent Tub
  8. Dustin Hoffman Feigns Ignorance Of Missing Bathtub (There Is Only One Tin Ignorrance)
  9. Dustin Hoffman Wife Calls In Detective To Dust For Porcelain Particuleson Dustin Hoffman´s Tongue
  10. Dustin Hoffman Tongue Taken To A Police Lab Where It Issued As Toilet Paper And Reading Material Whi
  11. Dustin Hoffman Offers Lame Possible Explanation For Missing Bathtub (Front Covers)
  12. Dustin Hoffman Wife Makes A Sarcastic Remark, Cuts The Head Off A Duck, Places It Where The Tub Was
  13. Dustin Hoffman Becomes Indignant And Wets Himself
  14. Dustin Hoffman Quits Bathroom And Climb A Tree
  15. Dustin Hoffman´s Children Enter The Bathroom



Utgitt 2001 Format VINYL - 180 gram
Sjanger Indierock Antall disker 1
Antall spor 15 Artist Of Montreal
Label Polyvinyl Leverandør Import
Bestillingsnummer PRC1091